Apply for the 2024 Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarships

Are you an international student hoping to attend a prestigious French university while studying in Europe? There’s nowhere else to look! The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is intended to help you realize your aspirations. Top students whose profiles align with Sciences Po’s admissions goals and specific course requirements are given this scholarship.


Sponsors, including BNP Paribas, Chalhoub Group, RATP Foundation, L’Oréal, and Total, kindly contribute to the Emile Boutmy scholarship fund to give the most deserving overseas students the chance to attend Sciences Po. During formal events, these sponsors even had the opportunity to interact with scholarship recipients.

About the 2024 Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarships

To attract the top international students from outside the European Union, Sciences Po established the Émile Boutmy scholarship, which bears the name of the school’s founder, who died in 1871.


The sponsors (benefactors, companies, and foundations) of the Émile Boutmy scholarship fund generously provide their assistance, ready to grant the most worthy overseas students admission to Sciences Po. Scholarship recipients may have direct communication with private sponsors during formal events.

Candidates must specify in the “Financial Information” part of their Sciences Po application that they are applying for the Emile Boutmy scholarship to be eligible to apply. When applying to undergraduate programs, you must also submit documentation of your income and family circumstances, such as your parent’s income tax returns, pay stubs, divorce decree, unemployment benefits, and records of your child support, alimony, and retirement pensions.

Graduate-level applications do not require additional materials, although applicants should know that the university may request proof of income if needed.


2024 Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarships advantages

  • A €14,210 annual tuition assistance for the three years of the bachelor’s degree.
  • A €9,500 annual tuition grant for the three years of the undergraduate degree.
  • A three-year undergraduate program that provides a €6,500 annual tuition assistance.
  • A three-year undergraduate program that provides a €3,900 annual tuition assistance.

If your academic year is not verified, your scholarship will be forfeited.

Should you be awarded a scholarship and choose to postpone your enrollment, your scholarship will be forfeited.

Criteria  for Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet the following requirements: they must be first-time applicants, be from a non-EU state, have a household that does not file taxes in the EU, and have been accepted into an undergraduate or graduate program.

The following students are not eligible:

  • Applicants from Switzerland and Norway, since they might be eligible for CROUS scholarships
  • Applicants with multiple citizenships, including citizenship in the EU
  • Quebec candidates for Master’s degree (because they are eligible for the same sliding scale costs as European applicants). Quebec residents may apply for bachelor’s degree programs.
  • Applicants for the Master’s level dual degree program in journalism and international affairs; otherwise, those applying to one of the following programs:
  • The Journalism Sciences Po/Columbia University joint degree
  • The Europe-Asia in Global Affairs dual degree program offered by Sciences Po/Fudan University (open to Chinese nationals only)
  • the Sciences Po/Peking University dual degree program (open to only Chinese nationals)
  • Students in the Ph.D. program (thesis)
  • Applicants for the one-year Master’s degrees
  • Candidates for a bachelor’s dual degree (unless as part of a special arrangement)
  • Students on exchange
  • Applicants using the graduate admissions process in French
  • Combining the Émile Boutmy award with any other scholarship (such as the BGF, AEFE, or Eiffel) is not permitted.

This scholarship is given out based on merit and on the kind of applicant profile that this program is looking for. Social criteria could also be considered.

The Application Procedure

  • To begin the application process, click here.
  • In the financial information section of their application, students applying for the Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2024 must declare at admission that they plan to apply for a scholarship.
  • Candidates need to register on the official website and complete the application.
  • Applicants must select their degree program and present the necessary documentation to identify their family’s financial position.
  • Applicants are needed to submit all further paperwork and data.
  • The Emile Boutmy scholarships are not renewable for those who have already applied.
  • Applicants must pay the application cost.
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered; applicants must apply for the scholarship before the deadline.


The 2024 Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarships offer an exceptional opportunity for international students to pursue their academic aspirations at one of France’s most prestigious universities. With generous support from esteemed sponsors and a focus on attracting top-tier students from outside the European Union, this scholarship program honors the legacy of Sciences Po’s founder, Emile Boutmy.

The significant financial assistance provided through these scholarships, coupled with the opportunity for direct engagement with sponsors, underscores Sciences Po’s commitment to fostering global talent and promoting diversity within its student body.

Eligible candidates who meet the scholarship criteria should not hesitate to apply and take advantage of this chance to receive substantial tuition assistance for their undergraduate or graduate studies.

By following the outlined application procedure and submitting all required documentation before the deadline, prospective students can position themselves for consideration and potentially start an enriching academic journey at Sciences Po. Apply now and take the first step towards realizing your educational goals with the 2024 Sciences Po Emile Boutmy Scholarships.

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