The Application For University Of Michigan Institutional Research And Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) For Postdoctoral Program Is Ongoing. 2024/2025: Apply now

The postdoctoral program for academic career development awards (IRACDA) at the University of Michigan is scheduled to begin. Michigan Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award Program is the awarding body.


One of the several NIH-funded initiatives that prepares post-doctoral fellows for careers in academic research and teaching is the Michigan IRACDA program. The program’s objectives are to build teaching abilities through tasks that support the progress of underrepresented minorities and to improve research skills by offering mentored research experiences.

The departments of Molecular & Integrative Physiology and Biomedical Engineering oversee the Michigan IRACDA program. The People menu above contains a list of current fellows and mentors.


One of the NIH funding programs that enables postdoctoral candidates to engage in training involving teaching and research in preparation for employment in academic circles is the grant. In collaboration with the Wayne County Community College District and Henry Ford College

Through programs that support underrepresented minorities, this program seeks to improve teaching abilities while fostering research methods under mentorship.

Molecular and integrative physiology as well as the biomedical engineering department are run by the financing.



  • Countries and Regions Eligible: US citizens or permanent residents
  • Gender Restrictions: There are none
  • Age Limitations: There are none

General Conditions for Eligibility

  • Applicants from underprivileged backgrounds are advised to applied
  • Those who finished their prior postdoctoral program in less than two years are eligible.
  • If an applicant has published as an author during their doctoral program, they are considered competent.
  • If applicants think about participating in the program for the full three years, they are eligible.
  • Those who agree to commit to teaching 25 percent of the time throughout the grant’s first three years are eligible.
  • Candidates are eligible if they express a clear interest in pursuing a teaching-related profession in education.

Scholarship Worth

With a degree in the applicant’s field of study, this scholarship provides an educational experience that equips you for service and allows you to take part in teaching training.

Application Details

To finish your online application:

  • Your statement on the designated portion of the bio sketch is required for curriculum vitae or NIH-style biosketch. Please separate submitted articles, reviews, and original research papers in the publications area. Click this link to obtain the NIH sample.
  • Requirements for a 1-2 page personal statement(Requirements for spacing) applicants should include their motivation statements in this paragraph (single spacing, 11 Arial fonts, 0.5-inch margins), along with information about their planned research, planned research, and future career goals following the proposed postdoctoral exercise.
  • Two private endorsement letters: Requests for letters from applicants will be forwarded immediately by email following their grant application. Your thesis advisor should write one of these letters.
  • Three to five possible IRACDA mentors’ names.The majority of mentors in STEM fields are qualified. It is not required to reach out to mentors ahead of time, and these connections can only be made if you are chosen for an interview.


To submit an online application, go here.

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